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3 Year Star Micronics Warranty

3 Year Swap a Star Extended Warranty on your Star Micronics TSP143 Thermal Printe, Star Micronics SP700 Impact Printer, or your Star Micronics 650II Thermal Printer.

Replacement printer sent overnight. Free return shipping on the warrantied printer.

Purchase this warranty at the same time as your printer or within 30 days of the printer and provide your serial number. Call us at 866-300-9175 FREE if you have any questions. Valid for printers shipping to the United States only.

mPOP without scanner


Splash Cover

For Star Micronics Thermal Printers

This plastic piece protects your printers (TSP143 or 650II) from the dangers of a cafe lifestyle.

Star Micronics 650II

Print up to 60 receipts per minute with the TSP650II. 

Incredibly reliable and well supported, Star Micronics printers are the industry standard for iPad point-of-sale. Their TSP650II is three times as fast as the TSP143L. Connects to your wireless router via Ethernet and has an auto-cutter so there’s no need to tear receipts.

Please note that this printer does not ship with an Ethernet cable included. Cables are available for purchase here.

Thermal Paper - Regular, BPA-Free, Recycled BPA-Free

Printer Protection - Splash Cover

Extended Warranty - 3 Year Warranty

Interface - Ethernet cable

Star Micronics SP700

Impact printers are made to withstand any harsh kitchen environment. The ink ribbons and bond paper allow you to print order tickets to hot kitchens or prep stations in black and red ink, up to 13 tickets per minute. The clamshell design allows you to easily load the bond paper and wall-mount to any surface.

For the more reliable connection to your POS register, plug the printer in directly to your wireless router. Ethernet cables are not included with the printer so purchase the length you need for your shop here. Comes with one small roll of paper, one black/red ink ribbon, and a power cord. 

Ethernet Cables

Impact Printer - Ethernet